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- Bath Confections -

In a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find the time to hold space for yourself and find a moment of peace. At Cinag's Alchemic, we are firm believers in the bathing ritual- a time for yourself to reground and recharge.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bath confections, which are carefully crafted with skin-nourishing extracts, conditioning oils, and our signature aromas, to elevate your bath experience.

Bath Bombs

Our decadent bath fizzies are made without questionable foaming agents and environmentally destructive coal tar dyes. Instead, we bring an old-school twist to this modern-day classic, by infusing them with botanical extracts, colorful clays, and purifying salts.

Bath Truffles

Our signature Bath Truffles are a boon for drier skin types and colder weather. Featuring deeply conditioning vegetable butters and oils, together with our handcrafted aromatic blends and fizzing base, these concentrated confections leave skin moisturized and nourished.

As with any oil going into your bath tub, please be advised that these require care when you have finished your bathing ritual. We recommend cleaning out the bath once the water has drained, to remove any oily residues left behind.

Bath Sachets

Our low-stress, mess-free Bath Sachets combine all the wonderful benefits of our bath salts and bath bombs, but without the mess to clean up afterward. Each Bath Sachet features a biodegradable tea bag so that your much-deserved bath time is as simple as Splash, Soak, Done!

Our Bath Sachets have become very popular as drawer sachets, for those who wish to enjoy the aroma, but find them selves lacking an appropriately human-sized bath tub.

Bath Salts

Our luxurious bath salts breathe fresh life into a traditional creation. Our Bath Salts bring together purifying salt blends from around the world, infused with botanical extracts and our signature aromas, and packaged into over-sized test tubes, for a uniquely alchemical experience.

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