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Lotions & Creams

Lotions and skin creams were among the very first formulas offered by Cinag's Alchemic, and they remain firm fan favorites, and for good reason. 

We chose to make our lotions as safe and as concentrated as possible, to offer creations that would support, nourish and nurture your skin. All of our lotions are plant-based and are carefully crafted by hand in small batches with freshly pressed seed oils, bioactive botanical extracts, and our signature botanical aromas. 

If you are unfamiliar with Cinag's Alchemic, we highly recommend trying one of our best sellers!

Best Sellers


While they may boast whimsical names like Skin Parfait and Quench Creams, these lightweight lotions are perfect for face-to-toe use, as they sink in quickly and offer an extra serving of hydration to the skin. In the summer, they are especially nice when used right from the fridge, and in the winter they are wonderful for layering under heavier butters and creams!

Body  Balms

Richer than a lotion, but lighter than a body butter, our Body Balms are the perfect year-round skin cream to use from the neck down, and make wonderful hand creams.

Body Butters

Whether a Whipped Buttercream, or a Body Armour, these rich creations glide on and soak in like body oil, making them perfect for feet, dry patches, and colder weather!

Due to shipping issues in warmer weather, we only offer our body butters in the fall and winter.

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