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Turkish Imports

We pride ourselves on working with small-scale independent co-ops to source our luxurious hand-woven Turkish linens. Our tea towels come from a fantastic trio in Adana (southern Turkey), Muazzes, Emine, and Ahmet. The jacquard peshtemals come from a wonderful co-op in Denizli, run by Omer. We are proud to be working with small-scale makers who embody the same tenets that we hold so dear here at Cinag's Alchemic!

Tea Towels

Handwoven by the intrepid trio of Muazzez, Emine, and Ahmet, from Adama in southern Turkey, our tea towels offer a generously large size making them the perfect accent for kitchens and bathrooms. These 100% organic cotton towels aren't just for decoration- they are incredibly absorbent and soften with every washing.

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