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Welcome to the Skincare CSA

The Autumn 2023 Skincare CSA is now open! Sign up for your Paid-in-Full Share or Split Payment Share by August 5th to get a lovely little discount!

This year we are pleased to be featuring ingredients from :
The Ferals (Bucks County, PA)
Rambling Roots Farms
(Chester County, PA)
Katydid Hill (Schuylkill County, PA)
Shellbark Hollow Farm (Chest County, PA)
Swarmbustin' Honey (Chester County, PA)
Warwick Furnace Farm (Chester County, PA)

What's this CSA all about?

C.S.A. stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's an integral part of the survival of independent farms, like the ones you see at farmers' markets! It allows a connection between the farmers and the communities that they serve, by offering the opportunity to "buy in" to a portion of the year's harvest!

We were inspired by the farms we work with, and took a leaf out of their book to create the Skincare CSA. Purchasing a share for the Skincare CSA allows us to secure all the components that we will require to create this technically complex product range! 

In return, members of our Skincare CSA receive rotating "share boxes" of skincare treats from the autumn line, perfectly portioned to let you enjoy them all, without getting swamped with mountains of product.

What sorts of products are in the CSA Shares? 

Cinag's Alchemic is all about self-care, and the autumn line best highlights our commitment and passion to sustainable, environmentally friendly, and whimsical formulations!

We offer three different "share" options; a Small Body Share (with eight (8) shower and body products), a Bathory Share (with five (5) bath confections products), and a Full Share (all twelve (12) products from each product line, in full sizes!). We've included some sneak peek boxes below to give you an example of what you can expect. Remember, every week is completely different products for you to try and love!

Example Full Monster Share includes:

0.45 oz. Candy Man Anointment (solid botanical fragrance)
5 oz. Candy Man Corpse Cream (all-purpose body lotion)
1x Candy Man Bath Bomb (traditional bath fizzy)
1x Candy Man Bath Cupcake (deluxe bath bomb)
1x Candy Man Bath Sachet (mess-free bath soak)
1x Candy Man Bath Salt Vial (soothing bath soak)
1x Candy Man Bath Truffle (moisturizing little bath bomb)
7.25 oz. Candy Man Djinn Jar Scrub (bubbling sugar scrub)
2.5 oz. Candy Man Embalming Butter (rich body butter)
5.5 oz. Candy Man Exfoliant Bar (gentle soap-free scrub bar)

5.85 oz. Candy Man Salt Bar (gentle and moisturizing bar soap)
5.5 oz. Candy Man Sugar Bar (solid soap-free sugar scrub)
5.4 oz. Candy Man Swamp Sludge (conditioning cream soap and shave butter)

(with optional INCENDIARY ADD-ON)

6.2 oz. Candy Man Apothecary Candle

Example Bathory Share:
1x Pumpkinhead Bath Bomb (traditional bath fizzy)
1x Pumpkinhead Bath Cupcake (deluxe bath bomb)
1x Pumpkinhead Bath Sachet (mess-free bath soak)
1x Pumpkinhead Bath Salt Vial (soothing bath soak)
1x Pumpkinhead Bath Truffle (moisturizing little bath bomb)
(with optional POTIONS ADD-ON:)
5.5 oz. Pumpkinhead Corpse Cream (all-purpose body lotion)
2.5 oz. Pumpkinhead Embalming Butter (rich body butter)