Welcome to the Skincare CSA Page!!

The Summer 2021 Skincare CSA is now open! Sign up for your Paid-in-Full Share or Split Payment Share by May 1st to get a lovely little discount!

Signing up for one of our friend's produce CSA's as well? Let us know when you check out, for a surprise! :)

This year we are pleased to be featuring ingredients from :
Plowshare Farm (Bucks County, PA)
Rambling Roots Farms (Chester County, PA)
The Burgess Farm (Bucks County, PA)
Morganics Family Farm (Somerset County, NJ)
Highland Orchards (Delaware County, PA)
Snipes Farm (Bucks County, PA)

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

What's this CSA all about?

The Skincare CSA works the same as any other CSA- You can purchase a Full Share, or choose from one of two different types of Small Shares (for Face or for Body). You pay in advance, and once your first basket is ready (first Saturday in June for the Summer CSA), you come and pick it up, and enjoy freshly mixed skincare products up to 1 week before anyone else can get them! Pickups are the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market in Philadelphia, PA, and every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at the Artist & Maker Market in Jersey City, NJ! The portion sizes of each product will last you roughly one week, to let you try it out and see how it works for your skin, but without getting stuck with a gigantic jar of a soap that you aren't a huge fan of. Right now we only offer the CSA for our summer FarmStand line, but we are playing around with the idea of having a year-round rotating seasonal CSA. We'll let you know if it happens!

What sorts of products are in the CSA Shares? 

An excellent question! This year we are offering three different types of shares; the Full Share (which is the whole shebang), a Small Share for Face (which includes all of the facial products), and a Small Share for Body (which includes all of the soaps and a lotion).  You even get to choose whether you want to go for the veggie & herb products or the fruit & ferment products!!

The price for the Full Share is $377.00. Each Small Share is $205.00

Example Fruit Full Share includes:
1.5 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Salt Bar

2.5 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Gelly Baby
2 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Marshmallow Cream
1 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Skin Parfait
1.5 oz Strawberry Shortcake Face Fondant
1 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Fresh Face Wash
0.5 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Face Juice Toner
1 oz. Strawberry Shortcake Skin Glacee

Example Small Veggie Share for Face:
1.5 oz. Super Green Face Fondant

1 oz. Super Green Fresh Face Wash
1 oz. Super Green Face Juice Toner
0.5 oz. Super Green Skin Glacee

Example Small Fruit Share for Body:
1.5 oz. Wild Apple Salt Bar

2.5 oz. Wild Apple Gelly Baby
2 oz. Wild Apple Marshmallow Cream
1 oz. Wild Apple Skin Parfait

How often do I receive my CSA share?

You're CSA basket will be available roughly twice a month. We say "roughly", because we mix the products as we have access to the harvests. Each year is different, so something may come in earlier or later than expected. In the event that a key ingredient crop is completely lost due to Wrath of Nature (::pointed stare at apricots::) we will refund you for that week in store credit. We'll keep you up to date not only on when the next basket is going to be ready, but also as to any delays in an upcoming basket. 

I have a questions about payment.

Oh, good! We were getting worried that no one was asking about payments!

You can pay for your CSA Share at any of our Farmers Markets, or we can invoice you to receive payments.  When paying for your Share, you have two options:

  1. you can pay for it in full (payment must be received in advance of receiving your first basket)

  2. you can break the payment in half (for Summer CSA, first payment is due in advance, second payment is due by July 21st). If your payment is late, we will pause your CSA until we receive the second half of the payment. If the payment is more than 30 days late, and we have not heard from you, the remainder of your CSA share will be canceled and your invoice voided - just like cancelling a magazine subscription. 

  3.  You can pay per month, by paying your first month up front, and then paying a monthly invoice after that, on the 1st of July and the 1st of August. Your shares for the month will not be made available until your invoice is paid.


We are able to accept payments in cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard & American Express), Paypal, Venmo, or money orders. We currently do not accept personal checks or the Cash App.

How do I receive my CSA share?

Collecting your CSA basket is super easy! Just come to the Rittenhouse Farmers Market on Saturdays, or the Artist & Maker Market on Fridays, and tell us you have come to collect your goodies! 

We'll be sending you an email earlier in the week to let you know that your basket is ready, and will text you on the pick up day to remind you. If we haven't seen you by the end of the market, don't be surprised if you get a phone call from Mack!

If you are unable to pick up your basket one week, you have 3 options:
1. Have someone else come and collect it for you! You must let us know in advance that someone else is picking up your basket!
2. Pick up your basket the following week. Don't worry, we aren't going to give your goodies away just because you were busy!
3. Have your box mailed to you. We charge a flat fee of $10.00 to ship your basket to you and will ship it out on Saturday via Priority Mail.

If you aren't local to Philadelphia- never fear! We can ship you your share for a flat fee of $10.00 per shipment for small shares and $15.00 for full shares, and will send it out no later than the day the shares are available at Market (That's Saturday!), via USPS Priority Mail. Depending on where you live it will take 1-3 business days to reach you.

If you need to temporarily pause the shipments (we know- it's summer! So many places to go!!) simply email us 7 days in advance and let us know when you would like us to resume sending your shares- We'll hold the ones you missed until you are back and ready to receive goodies again!

What if I need to cancel my CSA?

This is a sad thing, but we understand that things happen.

  • If you cancel your CSA within 14 days of your initial payment, and before May 12th, we will refund the amount paid in full back to you in the original method of payment. 

  • If you cancel your CSA share after May 12th and BEFORE shares are available we will refund the amount in store credit.

  • If you cancel your CSA share after the CSA is underway, we will refund you the remaining amount (CSA share payment minus the number of weeks you received a share) in store credit.

We must be notified in writing to cancel your CSA- repeatedly missing your CSA basket pick up will not cancel your CSA.