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Welcome to the FAQ Page!!

Why hasn't my order shipped yet?
Many of our products are made to order, which means that there may be up to a 14 day delay from when you place your order to when it ships. While the delay may be tedious, we think it's worth it... after all, who doesn't want a super fresh lotion?
If you have more questions about shipping, please check out our Shipping Page, HERE.
Why are there expiration dates on the products?


Because our products contain fewer synthetic chemicals, you may find that products do not last as long as other commercially produced products. Products are labeled with the date they were made (for cleansing bars and bath things), or with expiration dates (for our face and skin creams, fondants, etc.). When in doubt, purchase a smaller size. You can always order more!



Are your products vegan?


Some are, some aren't. Unlike some companies that tote the vegan banner and then pack their products full of super-gross petro-chemicals, we do our best to make products that are made with sustainable ingredients, with wonderful skin benefits. Honey and beeswax are two very common ingredients that we use. Every product page includes a complete list of ingredients, so you can see what is in it. If you aren't sure, feel free to drop us a line and ask.


How should I store my products?
The optimal place to store all products is in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and temperatures over 75 degrees Farenheit. It is tempting to store products in the bathroom. However, bathrooms tend to be very humid and suffer drastic changes in temperature, both things that will break down your products faster.
I Love <Insert popular skin care/cosmetic brand HERE>. Are your products just like theirs?



There are MANY larger companies out there who are in our same niche, whom we have nothing but respect for. And also maybe a tiny bit of envy. But we definitely respect them enough to not copy their formulas- they worked really hard on those! We have formulated all of our products independent of other companies patents. We hope that you will still try our goodies, and come to love us as much as you love them. We think your heart is big enough for that! :)

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