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The Mixtress

With a formal background in costume design, anthropology and culinary arts, the path the brought Mack to create Cinag's Alchemic was definitely an odd one. Mack is the one who formulates all of the products and scents, and is the first person to test a new creation on herself! When she isn't up to her eye balls in lotion batter and bath cupcake frosting, you can usually find her in the kitchen, in the bath tub, playing Two Dots, or stitching up a new skirt. She loves knitting, vintage hats, her increasingly expanding urban garden, Guy, and their feathery demon bird, Jack. 

The Muscle

Guy joined the team in 2015, writing blogs, and pitching in to help out at farmers markets. While most of his efforts are now focused to completing his degree in Early Childhood Education, he still finds the time to pitch in and help, whether it's writing emails, or helping set up at markets. He is the second in line to test products, although it is often in the form of being told "hold still so I can smear this on you and see what happens!" He is a professional voice actor and inventor extraordinaire. If he's not hard at work helping Mack or studying, you can find him working on a new D&D campaign or trying to drag Mack out of the apartment to go for a walk. He loves video games, science, Mack's cooking, a good joke, and tolerates their feathery demon bird, Jack.

The Mindful

Ali joined Cinag's Alchemic in 2020, after meeting Mack and Guy at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market! She helps with writing newsletters, runs farmers' markets with Mack, and pitches in out at The Ferals. She's also usually the one behind the camera when Mack has herbalism videos! Ali is third in line to test products, and does so with enthusiasm! When she's not helping Mack dig a new herbal field, you can find her playing with her wonderful cat, Colby, or working on a new knitting project.

The Most Useless Assistant Ever

With a lifelong passion for destroying everything around him, Jack has proven to literally be the MOST useless assistant ever... unless you count his ability to lower stress levels. He doesn't help mix. He doesn't help pack. He doesn't help out at events. But at the end of the day, when Mack and Guy are done with work and ready to wind down, he does provide endless entertainment for them both! When he's not plotting to take over the world, you can find him swinging upside down from the roof of his cage, chewing on Mack, protecting his treat dish, and singing opera. He likes carrots, almonds, cabbage, and bananas. He hates humans.... Except for Mack, Guy, and Ali.

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