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DIY Easy Sneeze Soothing Tissues

I’m just starting to get over a monster of a flu bug. Considering that I got sick over a one week break from classes, I guess it could have been worse – I could’ve been trying to enunciate around a hacking cough in Japanese classes!

Today’s little trick isn’t beauty care or skin care. It’s dying-from-plague care!! 🙂

When you’re sick, you feel gross. Some people get cranky, some people get lethargic, and almost every one goes through five million boxes of tissues and despite the best of efforts, most of us end up with a red nose.

To help make an already wretched situation a little more bearable, I like to use infused tissues! The essential oils help to clear my sinuses, and to soothe my frazzled mind.

What You Will Need:

As many boxes of tissues as you want


Essential oils (I use peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender when I’m sick, and rose with lemon for day-to-day use)

STEP 1: Carefully pull open the flaps on the sides of the tissue box. Don’t cut them off, you’ll be closing the box back up when you’re done.

STEP 2: Apply a few drops of your choice of essential oils to the creases of the box flaps, on each side of the box. Be careful not to get any of the oils on the tissues!

STEP 3: fold up the box flaps and tape them closed. I just used painters tape, because I’m lazy, but you could use decorative tapes to make your box fancy.

STEP 4: Enjoy your infused tissues… and drink lots of tea!!

Scent combinations:

For extreme congestion- peppermint and eucalyptus oil. The oils act like a mild Vicks Vaporub, soothing your sinuses and helping to decongest.

For extreme sneezies- eucalyptus and lavender oil. This blend helps with decongesting, and helps relax you.

For energizing tissues- rose absolute and lemon oils. Not so great for when you’re fighting off the plague, but fine for daily use.

Remember, you only need a few drops of each essential oil, you don’t want the scent to b be overwhelming.

What do you do to get through a cold? What is your favorite natural cold remedy?

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