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Kitchen Sink Spa Files: A Rose Hip-Hibiscus Toner

We’re going crazy for rose hip this week! If you haven’t seen our WTF is Rose Hip?! post yet, do take a second to take a peek! Today, we have a super simple toner for you! Combining rose hips, hibiscus and rose water, this fragrant toner is fantastic for most skin types, and is specially nice to spritz over the face to help keep your skin hydrated during the dry, cold winter! 

To start with, you’ll need the following ingredients:

1/4 c. dried rose hips

1 c. water

1/2 c. rose water

Bring the water to boil, then turn off the heat and add the rose hips, cover, and let steep until cooled to room temperature. Strain out the rose hips, add the rose water, and pour into a spritz bottle. Be sure to store this in the refrigerator. It will keep for about two weeks. To use, spritz over freshly cleaned skin, before applying your favorite moisturizer!

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