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Neem Spotlight

In case you didn’t notice, we’re all about neem this week! Today we are taking a little time to introduce you to our neem oil skincare confections… and we have quite a few of them! Here at The Raw Spa, we use neem oil in our product geared towards more troublesome skin types.

All of our Hatshepsut soaps are packed with neem oil, from our golden bubbly Gelly Baby sugar scrub, to our moisturizing Marshmallow Cream soap, and our deeply cleansing Salt Bars.

on’t let the color scare you- this rich, detoxifying Shower Potion is wonderful for oily, troublesome skin!

You can find neem oil in the Hex Breaker Shower potion, paired with activated charcoal and cooling botanicals like peppermint and agrimony.

Neem seed oil is highlighted in our Hatshepsut Skin Tonics, paired with nourishing sesame seed oil infused with turmeric, black tea and chai spices. It’s also drizzled into our HexBreaker Drops of Jupiter, along with green tea seed oil infused with a blend of 15 soothing and balancing botanicals !

You can find all these goodies and more over at our website, or snatch them up this Saturday at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market!

Be sure to stop back later this week to learn what makes polyphenols so awesome for your skin!

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