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Rose Hip Spotlight

In case you didn’t notice, we’re going a little crazy for rose hips this week! Today we are taking a little time to introduce you to our rose hip-packed skincare treats… and boy, do we have a line up for you! Here at The Raw Spa, we use rose hip in all it’s forms, from freshly ground rose hips, to luscious rose hip extract and decadent rose hip oil.

All of our Nefertiti soaps are packed with rose hip powder, from our ruby red bubbly Gelly Baby sugar scrub, to our moisturizing Marshmallow Cream soap, and our deeply cleansing Salt Bars.

You can also find rose hip in our Nefertiti Bath Cupcake, and our Nefertiti Bath Teas!

We also swirl a rich rose hip fruit extract into our Garnet Booster Ampoule, one of our hydrating, oil-free skin serums! With it’s light aroma of jam, and is bright red color, this blend of rose hip and hibiscus extracts leaves skin feeling ridiculous soft!

Rose hip seed oil is highlighted in our Nefertiti Skin Tonics, paired with nourishing flax seed oil and moisturizing almond oil. It’s also drizzled into our Nefertiti Skin Parfait, along with soothing oat milk, rich coca butter, and fragrant rose water, for a moisturizer perfectly suited to combination skin!

You can find all these goodies and more over at our website, or snatch them up this Saturday at the Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market! 

Be sure to stop back later this week to learn what makes vitamin C so awesome for your skin!

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