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WTF is… Flax Seed Oil?!

Flax is your friend! In fact there is no reason why flax shouldn’t be your best friend! The plant is a pretty affair topped with gentle blue flowers though it’s not afraid to change it up and appear in white, yellow, or red. The fibers are soaked in water and beaten out to make sumptuously soft sheets, called linen, and paper (fun fact: The American Dollar is made out of linen paper)! And the oil from it’s seeds is super duper good for you! Talk about going green! Flax for everyone!

All that goodness packed into a little seed! Amazing! Image via

All that goodness packed into a little seed! Amazing! Image via

Let’s get to know a bit more about our fine fibered friend. Flax has been in use for a very VERY long time. There is evidence that the use of wild flax dates back to the Upper Paleolithic 30,000 years ago! From there is was domesticated and made a tour across Europe and Asia while occasionally stopping in to party with Egypt and Rome. In fact Egyptian Priests wore linen exclusively, since flax was seen as a symbol of purity in egyptian culture.

Really, really, REALLY good for skin! Image via

Really, really, REALLY good for skin! Image via

Now while flax seed’s are a decent nutritional supplement, it’s oil is of value for it’s ability to seal in moisture and other skin soothing properties. And although it contains Oleic and linoleic acid (remember these guys?) of note is it’s high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid whose anti inflammatory properties allow it to be used as a treatment for diseases such as arthritis. In addition flax seed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids so it can potentially help with psoriasis, eczema, and acne. See what I mean now? Flax really IS your friend!

In the Raw spa, we subscribe to the Ancient Egyptian application of flax seed oil in our products to both represent and promote purity. Our Nefertiti skin parfait from the Jewel of the Nile line contains flax seed oil to keep your skin as pure as it should be. We went one step further with our Nefertiti exfoliant bar by using actual gound flax seed to keep you fresh and pure as a new linen skeet.

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