WTF is…French Green Clay?!

We all know that old cliché on sitcoms where the wife walks out with a mask of green goop on her face, hair all bundled up in curlers. Husband does a spit take and queue artificial laughter.Chances are that green goop was a french green clay mask, and the wife from [insert sitcom name here] was doing herself a favor by wearing it [insert laugh track]. Seriously though, French Green Clay is mega healthy for your skin. So let’s dig in.

Talk about a cleanse! This stuff will pull all the yuck out of your skin! Photo via

Let’s start with a fun fact: Just because it’s always called French green clay does not necessarily mean it’s from France. The name comes from the fact that a while back rock quarries in southern France pretty much monopolized the stuff once they started digging it up. When similar deposits of the clay were identified in China, Montana and Wyoming it became a much more common commodity.

Below are granules of unprocessed French green clay. Above is your basic French green clay mask gel. Picture via

But why would people go gaga over this green goop? Well French green clay is an extremely powerful cleanser. French green clay is so powerful it is sometimes used in Europe as an internal cleanser. Basically it acts as a sponge for any impurities and toxins in or on the body. In fact a study by Arizona State University reported French green clay as an effective inhibitor of E-Coli, Salmonella, and other serious bacterial pathogens. It also stimulates blood flow if applied topically. So to answer the previous questions, because the fancy french ladies wanted it to look young and healthy FOREVER.

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