WTF is… Mango Butter?!

Mangoes for EVERYONE!!!! YIPPEE!!!! (Mack is obsessed with these yellow “champagne ” mangoes…). Image via

In addition to be absolutely delicious and fantastic smoothie filler did you know that mangoes are also good for your skin? The colorful party fruit of any good fruit salad is good for you inside and out! As an edible Mangoes supply you with plenty of vitamin C and some folate but did you know that the oil derived from it’s seeds, known as Mango Butter, is great for soothing skin?

Let’s start at the beginning. Mango butter (or mango oil) comes from the mango seeds, the fruit of which is grown in tropical areas all over the world, with the largest producer by far being India. Mangoes are a large part of Indian culture, religion and daily life. Heck, the national fruit of India is the mango! In India, the mango fruit is eaten and prepared as a cuisine, dried mango skins and seeds are used as medicines, leaves of the mango tree are used as decorations for holidays and celebrations… The list goes on! Is it any wonder that here at The Raw Spa, we love using it as well?

Super soothing, rich and creamy mango Butter. We especially like trying to pair it with raw aloe for super soothing skin balms. Image via

The mango butter we use in our product is an excellent source of oleic acid (a great skin softener), stearic acid (good for moisturizing and keeping our skin flexible), and the xanthone Mangiferin which is a fantastic anti-oxidant in addition to having anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Aftercare products from the Erotica Sensualis line uses mango butter to help with soothing the skin after certain rigorous activities (wink).

And the Green Nile body balm as well as all our Selene products from our Jewel of the Nile line are rich in mango butter to keep your skin as smooth and supple as Egyptian royalty.

Our new twist this season is trying mango butter in “It’s Alive!!”, as part of our Things That Go BUMP! line.

All this week, all our mango butter laden products are 10% off! Be sure to try some today!

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