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WTF is…Oats?!

Winter is coming everyone! It’s time to grab your stuff and gear up! Gloves? Cheek! Coat! Check! Oats! Check? Thats right folks it’s time to grab your oats as the weather gets colder and not just for making delicious oatmeal (with brown sugar). Oats are great for helping your skin fight off the harsh conditions of winter. So grab your grains and hunker down. It’s time to talk oats!

Mmmm-mmm! Good inside and out! Photo via

Before oats was recognized as the grain we all know and love (with brown sugar), it was considered a weed. In fact the term ‘sewing wild oats’ is a reference to the rampant and widespread growth that oats were once known for. However after it was domesticated, oats became a staple in many peoples diet, even to this day! In Scotland oats are still held in high esteem and are a mainstay of the national diet. In briatin oats are sometimes used for brewing beer. Even here in america, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s never heard of good old fashoned oatmeal (with brown sugar).


This is what oats look like before they go into your oatmeal! Photo via

Not only are oats a great source of energy, but they’re also good for your skin too (but leave out the brown sugar.) Oats are great for exfoliation as the saposins help to gently remove dirt and oil from your pores. And oats also contain polysaccharides which become gelatenous in water and leave a protective residue on the skin preventing further damage. Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, exfoliating. What else can we say but: Bring on the oats!

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