WTF is…Rose Clay?!

This week we here at The Raw Spa decided to keep with the theme of earthy goodness and cover another type of clay that should be part of your regular skin routine, Rose Clay.While it’s cousin French green clay is a fantastic cleanser with a hint of utility, rose clay is more of a balanced package. But before we get into that, let’s take a closer look at the actual contents of rose clay.

Jack of all trades among facial clay! Image via

Bet you didn’t know this:the gentle rosy pigmentation in rose clay comes from the many iron oxides contained within the clay. Does that chemical name sound familiar? It should, because iron oxide goes by another name: Rust. Now before you go and throw out everything with iron oxide on it’s label, know that the iron oxides present in cosmetic products are first, not harmful and second mostly used to get the rich range of red and orange pigments iron oxides naturally produces.

The only connection between this and your cosmetics is the chemical reaction that gives them color. The more you know! Image via

Now natural coloring aside, rose clay is one well balanced hunk of earth if we do say so ourselves. The main function of any good clay mask is to utilize the clay’s naturally absorbent properties to pull toxins, impurities, and excess oils out of the skin. But Rose clay, in addition to doing all those things, also reduces inflammation, reduces skin irritation, tightens pores, and removes dead skin cells. Hunk of earth indeed.

You will find us here at The Raw Spa utilizing rose clay in our Nefertiti products from the Jewel of the Nile line. In particular, Nefertiti Bath Cupcake, bath truffles, salt bar and exfoliant bar. Most of our Red Room products from the Erotica Sensualis line also utilize rose clay.

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