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WTF is… Rose Hips?!

Today is all about the hips! Rose hips, that is! The fruit of the dog rose, or Rosa canina, rose hip has become one of the darling botanicals of the skincare industry, and for good reason!

Native to Europe, northern Africa and western Asia, rose hips were traditionally used in teas for sore throats and cold symptoms. It turns out that rose hip isn’t just awesome because it makes a tasty tea- it also contains a whopping 426 mg of vitamin C per 100g of rose hips- that’s 710% of the daily dietary vitamin C requirement!1 Vitamin C has been making a huge splash in skincare as a coveted anti-aging ingredient, which we will be diving into later this week!

Tart and delicious, these little fruits hold a wealth of skincare benefits!

The fruit also boasts healthy helpings of flavonoids like:

  1. Quercetin- a potent antioxidant, this phytochemical helps to soothe inflamed skin, in addition to relieving irritation, and helping the skin appear smoother!2

  2. Catechin- most famously found in green tea, this phytochemical helps to rejuvenate and revive skin by reducing oxidation.3

  3. Lycopene – a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes, this phytochemical helps skin to feel and appear smoother and softer.4

  4. Leutien- protects the skin and contributes to an even skin tone.5

  5. Beta carotene- the perfect pairing for lycopene, it helps to reduce oxidation from environmental factors, keeping the skin looking and feeling more youthful!4

Rich amber in color, this precious oil is worth it’s weight in gold! Photo via iStock/Madeleine_Steinbach

The oil pressed out of the seeds is packed full of vitamin A, which helps to smooth and nourish the skin in addition to encouraging healthy cellular production7, and linoleic acid, which helps to moisturize the skin and to prevent it from losing precious hydration hydration.8

Here at The Raw Spa, we like using rose hips in all its’ forms, from our in-house extract swirled into the Garnet Booster Ampoule, to freshly ground rose hips in the Nefertiti soaps and bath treats, to the rose hip seed oil in the Nefertiti Skin Tonic and Skin Parfait!

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