WTF is… Sesame Seed Oil?!

The sesame seed is hardcore: It’s plant is able to grow in drought, flood, and nutrient poor soils. It is one of the oldest seed crops known to humanity, at least 5000 years old. Heck, it is utilized across the planet as an edible, processed into a cooking oil and even utilized as a skin care product. So yeah, sesame seeds are the McGuyver of the crop scene, older than dirt and useful in just about every situation.

Nutty, sweet, and delicious little sesame seeds! Image via

Sesame seeds have been in vogue for a very long time. Records from civilizations as old as Babylon and Assyria mention sesame, around 4000 years ago! Historically, sesame was favored for it’s ability to grow in areas where other crops refused to grow. In addition to being obscenely resilient, it is one of the worlds earliest condiments. Seeing as it is rich in calories, protein, dietary fiber, fats, B vitamins and dietary minerals can you really blame them for loving it so much?

Sesame oil ranges from colorless and odorless, to a rich gold, with a very subtle, nutty scent. Image via

When not being used on hamburger buns or as a cooking oil , sesame seed oil is a fantastic source of our old pals linoleic acid (a delightful moisturizer), oleic acid (a friendly neighborhood skin softener), and a new gang of pals, the phytosterols, which is great for softening skin, battling weather damaged skin and reducing inflammation.

Like the ancient Egyptians we use sesame seed oil in our product for it’s healing and restorative properties. Oasis Body Butter and Hatshepsut Skin Parfait, from our Jewel of the Nile line, are rich in sesame seed oils to soothe and moisturize your skin. Our Aftercare Whipped Buttercream, from the Erotica Sensualis line, also has sesame seed oil in it, to help soothe skin after strenuous activity.

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