Inspired by aliens, made for daring humans!


Inspired by an unnamed character (who is blue and tall) from an incredibly trademarked video game, the Archangel Salt Bar features deeply calming raw aloe and balancing grapefruit juice, paired with soothing pine extract and indigo! Cleansing without being drying, this bar is perfect for skin that needs a little extra care and support.


"Archangel" opens with a clean blend of cologne and pine, collapsing rapidly into steel, gun smoke and bitter coffee, finally landing on leather and an excessive use of medi-gel. "Archangel" darkens from clean cut and well pressed to something dark and utterly alien over the course of the day. Carefully crafted by Mack, this blend is a 100% natural blend of extracts, oils and resins.


We’re thrilled and proud to say that this blue gem is colored with 100% natural colorants, making this one of the more ambitious line up of products we’ve tackled! No hidden coal tar dyes or synthetic pigments here!

Archangel Salt Bar

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