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Crafted in a similar manner to the incense of the Ancient World, Awaken Your Passion incense are compounded from rose petals, orange peel, fennel seed, cinnamon bark and frankincense, bound with rose water, red sandalwood powder, and litsea glutinosa bark, with a fine wood core. The scent is sweet, subtle and a bit spicy.


Rose - (Rosa damascena) strengthening, heart opening and love drawing. 

Cinnamon - (Cinnamomum verum) love drawing, raises you vibrations

Frankincense - (Boswellia carterii) protection, consecration, purification

Fennel - (Foeniculum vulgare) courage, protection

Sweet Orange - (Citrus aurantium dulcis) uplifting, joy-inducing, energizing


This will not have the scent of a commercial synthetic rose incense. You deserve better than that.


Three (3) hand twisted incense sticks. Burn time ~ 50 min each.

My incense are crafted from flowers, leaves, roots and resins, and do not contain any synthetic or artificial fragrances or essential oils. If you are familiar with loose incense, these will have a similar subtelty to them. They offer an aromatic atmosphere, rather than a "perfume bombing", and are well suited to ritual use, for those who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances, and those living in apartments.


tl;dr - These do not contain perfume oils. They will not smell like a $2 incense you buy at the flee market.  They will smell different when you burn them, from how they smell as an unburnt stick, much like white sage smells different when you burn it.


Never leave your incense burning unattended. Burn them on a stable heat proof surface, out of reach of children and animals. DO NOT EAT.

Awaken Your Passions Helix Wand Incense

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