Inpired by royalty, formulated for dry, itchy and sensitive skin!


Inspired by the seductress of the Nile, our Cleopatra Bath Cupcake proves that all natural doesn't have to be boring!! The Super-fizzy cake is made with goats milk and ground oats. It is topped with a rich, moisturizing butter cream frosting packed with local raw honey, and cocoa butter to leave your body clean, soft, and silky! The frosting is sprinkled with oats and dusted with cocoa powder, for a super luxurious spa experience!


Weighing in at almost 5 oz., you really only need about an fourth of this cupcake per bath... but we personally like to drop the whole thing in! :)


Cleopatra Bath Cupcake

  • You've got options, but they all start with drawing a nicy warm bath! You can throw the entire cupcake in, for a supre luxe spa experience (Mack thinks this is the best way to go, especially in the winter!); or you have it last longer by breaking it apart and adding a few pieces to your bath. The frosting cuts pretty easily with a butter knife, but those cakes are VERY dense- we recommend using a hammer to break them apart!


    Be careful exiting your bath after your soak, and be sure to clean out the tub- all those awesome oils will make it a bet slippery!

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