Inspired by royalty, formulated for dry and sensitive skin!


Inspired by Cleopatra, the seductress of the Nile, this gentle, soap-free shower bar combines intensely moisturizing cocoa butter with raw honey, dry goats milk, cows milk and oats for a bar that's gentle enough for even the most sensetive of skin!


This baby is fragrance free, but some people have said that they detect faint notes of mint, honey and vanilla.


Net wt. 4.25 oz.


Just looking for a taste? Check out our Bittie ( 1.5 oz.) size, HERE!

Cleopatra Exfoliant Bar

  • Use Cleopatra Exfoliant Bar in place of soap when you are showering, especially if you have dry skin! Simply massage the bar in circles over wet skin, and rinse well.  Be careful exiting the tub or shower, the oils may make it a little bit slippery.

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