A hybrid mala, the Cleopatra Lavaliere features 108 stone beads, knotted and charged with the intention of clamness and serenity, and infused with our signature Cleopatra botanical fragrance. The design features four calming stones: howlite, pearl, orange moonstone and amazonite, interspersed with white lava beads and three Sparkling crystal scarab beads. It is finished with a stunning trochidae shell guru bead, with a feathery silk tassel. Each Lavaliere is handcrafted, and charged with both intention and aroma, and comes boxed on a bed of moss.  Recharge the scent of your Lavaliere by dropping your favorite blend of essential oils on to the lava beads.Use it a set of prayer beads, as a focus point for meditation, or as a less obnoxious fidgit spinner for nervous energy; or wear it as a statement piece with jeans, or wrapped around your wrist for a truly rock star look. It's your Lavaliere now.

Cleopatra Lavaliere

  • - Amazonite: to promote hope and positive thinking.

    - Howlite: to calm stress and anger, while elevating patience and awareness.

    - Orange Moonstone: to calm stress and anxiety, and help find balance between the body, mind and spirit.

    - Mother of Pearl: to soothe stress and calm the mind.

    -Trochidae Shell: to promote adapatability and calm.

    Charged with a sweet sunshine-scent of our signature Cleopatra fragrance blend, each Lava-liere is carefully hand crafted, and uses components that I sourced exclusively from small US-based businesses.

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