Inspired by royalty, formulated for dry, itchy and sensitive skin!


Inspired by the seductress of the Nile, the Cleopatra Siren Gift Set proves that having sensitive skin doesn't mean you can't use fun products! Formulated with rich coacoa butter, our soothing Cleopatra infused oil and raw local honey from Swarmbustin' Honey, all the goodies in this set are 100% free of fragrance oils and essential oils! The set includes our decadent Bath Cupcake, for a delightful spa experience; four buttery Bath Truffles; three calming Bath Teas; three soothing Bath Salt vials; a 6 oz. jar of our nourishing and calming Cleopatra Skin Parfait and a 2.5 oz. jar of our rich Oasis Body Butter. It's everything you need to keep you skin happy, healthy and pampered!


Siren Gift Set includes the following items, packaged together in a box:

-Cleopatra Truffle Box (4 truffles, net wt. 1.25 oz. each)

-Cleopatra Bath Cupcake (net wt. 5 oz.)

-Cleopatra Bath Salts (3 vials; net wt. 1.5 oz. each)

-Cleopatra Bath Tea (3 pachets; net wt. 1 oz. ea.)

-Cleopatra Skin Parfait (net wt. 6 oz.)

-Oasis Body Butter (net wt. 2.5 oz.)

Cleopatra Siren Gift Set

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  • Bath Cupcake- Run a hot bath, and throw your Bath Cupcake in! Give it some time to break down before enjoying your bath for at least 20 minutes. Be careful getting out of the bath, and be sure to wash out the tub afterwards- all that luxurious cocoa butter will make it a bit slippery!


    Bath Salts- Run a hot bath. Break the wax seal on the vial by pulling on the cord, unstopper the vial and pour in the Bath Salts. Soak and relax for at least 20 minutes!


    Bath truffles- Run a hot bath, and drop in your Truffle! Soak and enjoy for at least 20 minutes. Becareful getting out of your bath, and be sure to wash your tub out afterwards- that luscious cocoa butter may make it a bit slippery!


    Skin Parfait- slather it on from head to toe to enjoy soft, moisturized skin all day long! a little bit goes a long way!

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