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We all know that beets are powerhouses of nutrients... but did you know that they are pretty awesome to smear all over your skin, too? 


Our unique Gelly Baby is a hand crafted jam soap, inspired by traditional Morroccan beldi, or savon noir, soap! Our mild soap is made with freshly pressed juice from locally harvested sbeets, black rice milk and coffee, cooked the old-fashioned way with olive oil, cocoa butter, flax seed oil and coconut oil, before folding in tons of brown sugar! The result is a mild, intensely moisturizing, deeply cleansing soap-scrub! 


Our Gelly Baby is made the old fashioned way- it takes longer (96 hours, to be precise!), but it also allows us more control over the ingredients we use, which we think is worth the effort. Because we do not use surfactants, detergents, or foaming agents in our Gelly Baby, you won't get big fluffy bubbles. We think it's worth the trade off!


Heart Beet is part of our new Limited Edition FarmStand line, which uses fresh produce that we harvest from local farms! This year our beets are from Kimberton CSA. Due to the short harvest window, once we are out of product, we will be out until NEXT YEAR!


This is wonderful for dry, mature and downtrodden skin in need of some nourishment and invigoration!


Net wt. 6.75 oz.

Heart Beet Gelly Baby

$17.30 Regular Price
$13.84Sale Price
  • If you have never used a beldi soap before, be aware that a little bit goes a long way!


    Stand under the water  for a minute to get drenched, then step out of the water, and massage a small amount of Gelly baby into your skin- it starts of pretty thick and stiff, but eventually will start to feel like a thick lotion. Massage over your skin again with a wet shower puff or sponge, to get rich bubbles! Rinse well with warm water, pat your skin dry, and enjoy!


    Depending on your water hardness, you may need to use a little extra Gelly Baby to get bubbles.


    **Recommended to be used no more than twice per week.

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Love so much, want to eat it.

Date Time stamp

I was gifted the cherry salt bar and cherry sugar scrub. I love them both so much. In fact, I can never decide which one I want to use in the shower so I often will use both. They smell so amazingly fresh and not perfumey at all. I have been tempted to lick the bar and eat the sugar scrub. I can't wait to try the other products.




Kinda stinky but does the job

Date Time stamp

It's a vinegar toner, so it's gonna smell like vinegar. But it does a great job of keeping my skin clear. I can live with a few minutes of vinegar smell for that.




Love it

Date Time stamp

Best toner I ever bought. Just wish it was larger!


New Vegas

Bad Ass

Date Time stamp

Better than I was expecting. Smokey and spicy