Insoired by royalty, formulated for formulated for troublesome and acneic skin!

Inspired by Hatshepsut, the queen who ruled as Pharoah, this spicy soak combines smoky lapsong suchong tea with brightening turmeric, calming clove and cardamom, and balancing cumin and cinnamon, all packed into single serving tub teas!!  These Bath Teas tint the water a delicate lemon yellow, with a grounding cahi-like scent!


These little beauties help you soak you stress and worries away!


Net wt. 1.25 oz. each. Available as Singles or Trios.

Hatshepsut Bath Tea

  • Lapsong Suchong Tea- besides being extra aromatic, this tea is loaded with tannins, to help balance and tone the skin, to keep it looking fantastic!

    The Spice Blend- with soothing clove, calming cinnamon and cardamom, warming ginger and black pepper, and brightening turmeric, this blend keeps oilier skin types healthy, happy and well behaved! As an added bonus, the spice blend pairs perfectly with frankincnese, to help tired muscles unwind!

    Frankincense- Aromatic and grounding, frankincense resin helps to deeply soothe tension.




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