A hybrid mala, the Hatsepsut Lavaliere features 108 stone beads, knotted and charged with the intention of courage and self empowerment, and infused with our signature Hatshepsut botanical fragrance. The design features four powerful stones: orange aventurine, yellow amazonite, lacy agate and mookaite, interspersed with yellow lava beads and three sparkling crystal scarab beads. It is finished with a stunning baltic amber guru bead, with a feathery silk tassel. Each Lavaliere is handcrafted, and charged with both intention and aroma, and comes boxed on a bed of moss.  Recharge the scent of your Lavaliere by dropping your favorite blend of essential oils on to the lava beads.Use it a set of prayer beads, as a focus point for meditation, or as a less obnoxious fidgit spinner for nervous energy; or wear it as a statement piece with jeans, or wrapped around your wrist for a truly rock star look. It's your Lavaliere now.

Hatshepsut Lavaliere

  • Orange Lacy Agate: for emotional balance, to overcome negative emotions, and to foster the courage to persevere.

    -Orange Aventurine: to foster creativity, inner strength, independence and joy.

    - Yellow Amazonite: to encourage self-awareness, self-discovery, and embracing one’s truth.

    -Mookaite: to support courage, vitality and strength.

    -Baltic Amber: for courage and clear-headedness

    Each Hatshepsut Lava-leire is carefully hand crafted, and charged with our signature spicy Hatshepsut essential oil blend. The materials for this beautiful piece were all purchased from small businesses, so each purchase helps to support an entire network of small business owners!

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