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Inspired by royalty, formulated for oily and troublesome skin!


Inspired by queen who ruled as Pharoah, this deluxe Starter Set includes a selection of skincare confections for healthy, happy skin! Boasting balancing spices, nourishing rice milk, and a touch of brightening turmeric, the Hatshepsut Starter Set includes full sizes of our Marshmallow Cream shaving butter, Clay Star Bar, and a jar of Skin Parfait, plus a box of our decadent Bath Truffles! 


This set is wonderful for anyone with troublesome skin, and has a earthy, chai-like aroma!


This Gift Set includes the following items, and will arrive packaged in a large box:

- 5 oz. Hatshepsut Salt Bar

- 3 oz. Hatshepsut Marshmallow Cream

- 4 oz. Hatshepsut Skin Parfait

-1.2 oz. Hatshepsut Clay Star Bar

-4 Bath Truffles (1.25 oz. ea.)

Hatshepsut Starter Set

  • Marshmallow Cream: Massage a small amount of Marshmallow Cream into the area to be shaved, working into a creamy lather. Shave with razor of preference, rinse well with warm water, and pat dry. For best results, follow with you favorite moisturizer!


    Salt Bar: Rub gently over wet skin, and then rinse well with warm water. Salt Bars do not bubbly like traditional soaps, but never fear! They clean just as well!


    Skin Parfait: slather it on from head to toe, and enjoy soft, moisturized skin all day long!


    Bath Truffles: Draw a warm bath and drop in a Truffle! Relax and revive for at least 20 minutes. Make sure to wash out the tub after your soak- all that shea butter may make it a little slippery.

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