A taste of Old World intent with skin nurturing applications!


Sure, Hex Breaker Purification Bar is incredibly messy, but it also packs a wallop of skin loving goodness, for even the most troublesome of skin!


Loaded up with purifying charcoal, sea salt, volcanic salt; skin soothing botanicals like white oak bark and agrimony; our super special Hex Breaker infused oil and moisturizing mango butter; and scrubby tourmaline and hematite, Hex Breaker will leave your skin deeply crubbed, and intensely moisturized! 


The HexBreaker scent is a 100% natural botanical an evocative experience; catching your eye with it's minty top notes of pennyroyal and hyssop, beckoning to you with lush herbaceous middle notes of sage, and yarrow, finally drawing you in completely with resinous base notes of worn antique wood, and earthy whiffs of incense and ritual.


While we can't promise that Hex Breaker will break that chain of bad luck tied around your ankle, we can pretty much promise that you haven't seen skin care quite like this before!


Welcome to our world. Won't you come in and join us?


Hex Break Purification Bars may be irritating to extremely sensitive skin. 


Net wt. approx 6.20 oz.

Hex Breaker Purification Bar

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  • The Hex Breaker Infused Oil- we pack camellia oil with agrimony (toning), blackberry leaf (soothing), burdock root (detoxifiying), hyssop (cleansing), nettle leaf (soothing), peppermint (nurturing and calming), rue (calming), sage (nurturing), spearmint (calming), white oak bark (toning), white willow bark (toning & balancing), wood betony (calming) and yarrow (calming) - all purported herbs that break hexes... but boy, do they have some serious skin loving benefits! Each batch of Hex Break Oil is solar infused for 4 months! We think it's worth the wait. :)


    Hematite- believed to give courage and strength of will, we added finely ground hematite to add a little extra scrub and sparkle!


    Tourmaline- believed to protect the user, we added finely ground tourmaline for a little extra scrub!


    Volcanic Salt- scrubby and purifying, volcanic salt helps to keep your skin looking awesome!


    Activated Charcoal- absorptive and purifying, charcoal helps to keep even the most troublesome skin in line and looking great. It's also what makes the Hex Breaker so messy. We think it's worth the mess! :)

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