A hybrid mala, the Hex Breaker features 108 stone beads, knotted and charged with the intention of protection, and infused with our signature Hex Breaker botanical fragrance. The design features five protective stones: tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, labradorite and onyx, interspersed with black lava beads and three Tibetan silver barrel beads. It is finished with a stunning black pearl guru bead, with a buttery soft leather tassel and a small silver Eye of Fatima (or Hamsa) charm.


Each Lavaliere is handcrafted, and charged with both intention and aroma, and comes boxed on a bed of moss.  Recharge the scent of your Lavaliere by dropping your favorite blend of essential oils on to the lava beads.

Use it a set of prayer beads, as a focus point for meditation, or as a less obnoxious fidgit spinner for nervous energy; or wear it as a statement piece with jeans, or wrapped around your wrist for a truly rock star look. It's your Lavaliere now.

Hex Breaker Lavaliere

  • Black Pearl- Beside being drop dead gorgeous, black pearls are an ancient amulet not only to protect from malevolent  intentions and spirits, but also to shield you from negative energy being sent your way. It also is purported to help with soothing hurt or bruised emotions, as well as aiding you in finding the right path. 

    Hematite- Besides being a stone believed to help turn negative energy into positive energy, hematite is an iron oxide composition. Which means it can also protect from malicious spirits, as well as block negative vibes.

    Labradorite- A shielding stone that protects the aura, as well as protecting from negativity both from without, and within.

    Snowflake Obsidian- a form of volcanic glass, this stone is believed not only to balance the mind, but to give feeling of protection, to purify the mind, and to help move past trauma, emotional turmoil and old wounds.

    Onyx- a talisman to protect against evil, onyx also helps to move forward from emotional wounds.

    Tourmaline- A powerful talisman against evil and malevolence, tourmaline is a stone for those who feel surrounded by negativity, offering protection in times of extreme stress or crisis.

    HexBreaker Fragrance- a 100% natural botanical evocative experience; catching your eye with it's minty top notes of pennyroyal and hyssop, beckoning to you with lush herbaceous middle notes of sage, and yarrow, finally drawing you in completely with resinous base notes of worn antique wood, and earthy whiffs of incense and ritual.

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