A taste of Old World intent with a fresh new twist!


Drawn from herbal apothecary practices and combined with a touch of magic, the Hex Breaker Starter Set boast a curated selection of skin potions for troublesome and vexing skin! Boasting cooling botanicals like rue, wild yarrow and pennyroyal, with balancing neem and green tea seed oils, purifying activated charcoal and protective hematite, tourmaline and obsidian, this Starter Set includes full sizes of our Shower Potion, Purification Bar salt scrub, Anointment, Bath Talisman fixxy bomb and Bath Invocation bath soaks! 


This set is especially wonderful for oily, acne-prone and otherwise troublesome skin!


The HexBreaker scent is a 100% natural botanical bouquet with an evocative experience; catching your eye with it's minty top notes of pennyroyal and hyssop, beckoning to you with lush herbaceous middle notes of sage, and yarrow, finally drawing you in completely with resinous base notes of worn antique wood, and earthy whiffs of incense and ritual.


While we can't promise that Hex Breaker will break that chain of bad luck tied around your ankle, we can pretty much promise that you haven't seen skin care quite like this before!


Welcome to our world. Won't you come in and join us?


This Starter Set includes the following items, and will arrive packaged in a large box:

- 5 oz. Hex Breaker Purification Bar

- 5 oz. Hex Breaker Shower Potion

- 3 oz. Hex Breaker Bath Talisman

-1 oz. Hex Breaker Bath Invocation

-0.45 oz. Hex Breaker Anointment

Hex Breaker Starter Set

  • Shower Potion: Massage a small amount of Shower potion into skin, then rinse well with warm water. Less is more with this product- a little bit goes a very long way!


    Purification Bar: Rub gently over wet skin, and then rinse well with warm water. We recommend using this from the neck down, as the salt may be too coarse for your face.


    Anointment: Apply a small amount to pulse points (wrists, behind ears, hollow of throat) as often as desired!


    Bath Talismon: Draw a warm bath and drop in the Talisman! Relax and revive for at least 20 minutes. Make sure to wash out the tub after your soak, and don't let the obsidian escape down the drain!


    Bath Invocation: Draw a hot bath and add the Invocation, allowing it to steep for 10 minutes before enjoying your bath. After you have had your soak, remove the packet and compost.

  • Shower Potion- a purifying and balancing cream cleanser, it helps keep oily and poorly behaved skin on it's best behavior!


    Purification Bar- an exfoliating and balancing soap-free scrub bar, to keep rough patches of skin at bay!


    Bath Talisman- A hand painted charcoal bath bomb with an exploding herbal center, around a heart of tumble obsidian. 


    Bath Invocation- a calming bath soak for vexing skin, with cooling botanicals and a touch of volcanic salt.


    Anointment- a solid botanical fragrance.

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