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"Your will is steady;

Your path will find you;

The Universe guides you;

Your way is safe."


Crafted from iolite, amethyst, chaorite, kunzite, mookaite and pyrite, interspersed with black volcanic beads for you to anoint with essential oils



  • Amethyst (Canada) - enhances intuition and inner balance; encourages spiritual growth
  • Charoite (Russia) - bolsters courage and self-confidence; aids in overcoming fears
  • Iolite (Russia) - "Viking's Compass"; offers guidance and endurance amid chaos
  • Kunzite (Brazil) - offers clarity of purpose and action; supports emotional healing
  • Mookaite (Autralia) - adaptation when the path is unclear; versatility under pressure
  • Pyrite (Italy) - bolsters will power and confidence during difficult times

Disclaimer: This item is sold as a curio only and is not intended to treat, heal or otherwise cure any conditions. Do not use this item, or the information included, in lieu of medical advice. I do not take any responsibility for any untoward issues arising from the use or misuse of this item. DO NOT EAT.

Hope & Guidance Talisman Bracelet

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