One of the cornerstones of The Raw Spa has always be aroma- from Day One, I have worked to create unique, botanical fragrances that are 100% original. The process is by far one of my favorite aspects of the work I do through The Raw Spa. In conversations, I've come to realize that the art of crafting botanical perfumes is one that seems so very esoteric.

I started the Introduction to Botanical Perfume Crafting Series to help demystify the basics of building and layering single scents, to achieve a true work of art. The online workshops are held on Zoom, once per season. You can find them here:


The Workshop Bundles are designed to work specifically with each course, and take the burden of finding and sourcing supplies off of your shoulders! Whether you are signing up for the Full Series, or taking one of the A la Carte offerings, we'll make sure to get you the highest quality ingredients (in fact, the same ingredients that we use in our products!) to work with!


Herbal Add On
- 5 mL rosemary essential oil

- 5 mL mint essential oil

- 2 mL armoise essential oil

- 5 mL lavender essential oil

- 5 mL sage essential oil

- 5 labeled pipette droppers

- 25 perfumers paper strips (for creating the blend)


Citrus Add On

- 5 mL bergamot essential oil

- 5 mL lemongrass sessential oil

- 5 mL orange essential oil

- 5 mL grapefruit essential oil

- 2 mL cistus essential oil

- 5 labelled pipette droppers

- 25 perfumers paper strips


Floral Add-On

- 5 mL geranium essential oil

- 5 mL ylang ylang essential oil

- 5 mL nerolina essential oil

- 2 mL roman chamomile essential oil

- 2 mL rose absolute

- 2 mL jasmine sambac absolute

- 6 labeleled pipette droppers

- 30 perfumers paper strips


Spice Add On

- 5 mL black pepper essential oil

- 5 mL cinnamon leaf ssential oil

- 5 mL clove bud essential oil

- 5 mL allspice essntial oil

- 2 mL cardamom essential oil

- 2 mL ginger essential oil

- 6 labelled pipette droppers

-30 perfumers paper strips


Forest Add On

- 5 mL frankincense essential oil

- 5 mL cedar essential oil

- 2 mL balsam fir absolute

- 5 mL silver fir essential oil

- 5 mL scotch pine essential oil

- 5 labelled pipette droppers

-25 perfumers paper strips


Colognes, Pommades and Perfumes Add On

- 4 oz. sunflower carrier oil

- 2 oz. beeswax pastilles

- 4 oz. perfumer's alcohol

- 4 1 oz. metal tins (for pommades)

-4 1/2 oz. glass role on bottles (for oil perfumes)

-4 1 oz. glass aerosolizer bottles (for colognes)


The Full Series Add On includes all above listed supplies, at a 5% discount.

Introduction to Botanical Perfume Crafting Workshop Bundles

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