This sample box features one of each of the hand crafted bath truffles created for The Jewel of the Nile line. Inspired by a research project on ancient Egyptian beauty practices, each one features ingredients that would have been used by ancient royalty, and updated for the modern beauty queen!!


Each box contains one of each of the following bath truffles:


"Hatshepsut" spicy and unisex, from a blend of spices and frankinsence, with raw shea butter. This gem will give your bath water a touch of buttery yellow! Inspired by the ancient queen who ruled Egypt as Pharoah. 

"Nefertiti" a sweet and spicy blend of rose and cinnamon, with raw cocoa butter. This sweet thing will give your bath water a touch of rose pink! Inspired by the beautiful, but enigmatic queen.


"Cleopatra" a soothing, slightly sweet blend if raw honey, goats milk, oats and raw cocoa butter. Wonderful for dry and sensitive skin! Inspired by the infamously seductive queen.


"Selene" an exotic blend of jasmine and green tea, with raw mango butter and raw shea butter. Wonderful skin detox and toning properties. This will give your bath water a touch of jade green. Inspired by Cleopatra's daughter.


Each order contains four hand crafted truffles, approximately 1.25 oz. each.

Jewel of the Nile Bath Truffle Sampler

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