Inspired by aliens, made for daring humans!


Inspired by an unnamed character (who wears a lot of purple), from an incredibly trademarked video game, the Keelah Se’lai Bath Bomb is 100% botanical, exploding with fragrant amethyst waters, and dried violets, chamomile flowers, sunflower petals and jasmine blossoms, for a bath time treat that is out of this world! 


"Keelah Se'lai" opens with sweet top notes of jasmine, fresh chamomile and vanilla sugar, giving way to a backbone of steel, crackling electricity and just a touch of antiseptic. The scent changes quickly from something sweet to something light and alien. Carefully crafted by Mack, this blend is a 100% natural blend of extracts, oils and resins.


We’re thrilled and proud to say that this purple gem is colored with 100% natural colorants, making this possibly the most ambitious line up of products we’ve tackled! No hidden coal tar dyes or synthetic pigments here!

Keelah Se'lai Bath Bomb

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