A purely purple gift set inspired by aliens, made for daring humans!!


Inspired by an unnamed character (who wears a lot of purple), from an incredibly trademarked video game, the Keelah Se’lai DLC Box features a five piece expansion of the signature fragrance, colored purple with dried violets and lilacs! Keep your skin fresh and clean with the bubbley Salt Bar and the exfoliating Sugar Bar; soak away your stress in amethyst waters with the Bath Bomb and Bath Shot; and keep your skin protected with the deeply quenching and balancing Body Balm!


"Keelah Se'lai" opens with sweet top notes of jasmine, fresh chamomile and vanilla sugar, giving way to a backbone of steel, crackling electricity and just a touch of antiseptic. The scent changes quickly from something sweet to something light and alien. Carefully crafted by Mack, this blend is a 100% natural blend of extracts, oils and resins.


We’re thrilled and proud to say that these purple gems are all colored with 100% natural colorants, making this possibly the most ambitious line up of products we’ve tackled! No hidden coal tar dyes or synthetic pigments here!


Suspicious? We know, we know. You’ve been wooed by gift box set before. The pictures always look great, and your box arrives and is... a little lighter than you expected. Here at The Raw Spa, we don’t play that game. Your box comes stuffed to bursting with a pound and a half of products... and that’s before we put in the fluff and packing materials!


The Keelah Se’lai DLC Box includes:

- 6 oz. Keelah Se’lai Body Balm lotion

- 5.5 oz. Keelah Se’lai Salt Bar soap

- 5.15 oz. Keelah Se’lai Sugar Bar body scrub

- 3.3 oz. Keelah Se’lai Bath Bomb

- 1.5 oz. Keelah Se’lai Bath Salt

- 0.45 oz. Keelah Se’lai Anointment solid fragrance

Keelah Se’lai DeLuxe Content Box

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