Tired of spa products that either small like grass or super sweet candy? Then these luxurious little truffles are for you!


"Libertine" combines raw chocolate and almond oil, skin softening raw honey, invigorating coffee, and a sensually unique fragrance blend, all packed into adorable little bath truffles, blended with 24kt gold!


Our unique "Libertine" fragrance is warm, spicy and just a little bit smoky. Don't be fooled by her sparkling notes of champagne and bergamot, this little darling has a darker side. Black leather, bitter coffee and wicked rose are rounded out by her drink of preference, cognac! Sultry and sweet, "Libertine" defies the conventions and can stand up to anything... or anyone.


Four (4) Bath Truffles; approx. net wt. 1.25 oz. ea.

Libertine Bath Truffles

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  • Run a hot bath. Drop a Bath Truffle into the water and allow it to dissolve. Soak and relax for at least 20 minutes.


    Be careful getting out of the tub, and be sure to wash out the tub once it has drained, as all those rich oils and butters will make the tub quite slippery!

  • Chocolate- besides tasting delicious, chocolate is an intense moisturizer, and skin softener, and contributes a rich, deep warm aroma!


    Coffee- High in caffeine, coffee helps to tone your skin, while giving you a hit of energy.


    24Kt Gold- believed to increase skin elasticity and touted by some to possess anti-inflammatory properties... But I just put it in because it's pretty!

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