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Rest assured, gents, there is nothing lady-like about this bar... although the ladies might find you just a touch more irresistible! ;)

Part of the EROTICA SENSUALIS line, "Marquis & Baron" Salt Bar combine moisturizing mango butter and cocoa butter, purifying activated charcoal, cardamom and cracked black pepper with 24Kt gold, Meyer lemon extract and our proprietary infused hazelnut oil, and our unique "Marquis & Baron" fragrance!


This gently cleansing bar will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and invigorated. Just rub over wet skin in the shower, rinse well with warm water, and you are good to go! Just try hard not to rub until you get bubbles- we don't put harsh foaming agents into these soaps, so they are pretty much suds-free. We think it's especially awesome for troublesome, oily skin!


Our unique "Marquis & Baron" brings together black leather, cracked black pepper, spicy bergamot, a hint of sweet geranium and wicked rose, all held together with woodsy notes of mahogany, boozey cognac and sweet cigar smoke. 


Net wt 5 oz.

Marquis & Baron Salt Bar

$14.00 Regular Price
$11.90Sale Price
  • Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter- two luxurious butters contribute to keeping you skin supple, and moisturized. Because nothing is worse than dragon-scale skin!


    Activated Charcoal- this stuff is like a magnet for toxins and all sorts of nasty stuff that can build up in your skin. It helps to keep your skin looking it's best, and keeping it happy and healthy! 


    24Kt Gold- believed to increase skin elasticity and touted by some to possess anti-inflammatory properties... But we just put it in because it's pretty!


    Meyer Lemon Extract- made in house using Mack's hand raised Meyer lemons, this zesty extract tones the skin, to keep it looking it's best, no matter what you try to throw at it!

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