These adorable tub truffles are crafted from a blend of rosebuds and cinnamon for a decadent scent, a touch of French red clay for color, and cocoa butter to soften, moisturize, and pamper your skin!


The scent is soft from rose, and a little spicy and warm from the cinnamon! The ingredients are all natural, even the the color! These truffles will give your bath water just a touch of pink- but never fear! The color will not stain your skin, your tub, or your towel.

Nefertiti Bath Truffles

  • Cocoa Butter- a rich moisturizer, it keeps your skin silk soft and protected. And it smells like chocolate.


    Goats Milk- goats milk is wonderful for softening your skin and for serious skin protection that works well with any skin type. 


    French Red Clay- high in iron, silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium, it helps to absorb excess oils, gently cleansing, and toning the skin. 


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