Here at The Raw Spa, we are all about embracing the messiness of natural products... To a point. Let's talk about clay masks for a second. They are messy and cumbersome, plus you walk around looking like Boris Karloff's Mummy for half an hour. They just seem like they are more trouble than they are worth, right?




We have taken the mess and hassle out of clay mask for you, and created an easy to use, quick drying, mostly-mess-free clay mask in a solid bar!


Inspired by Nefertiti, this Clay Heart Bittie for sluggish skin tones and mature skin is formulated to gently clean your pores as it moisturizes, softens, and gives just a hint of a rosey glow! We loaded it up with French red clay, toning black tea extract, rose water, rich cocoa butter and flaxseed oil, and a sprinkling of freshly ground cinnamon, for a simply decadent experience!


No more messy clay bars for you!


We ship our Clay Heart Bittie Bars naked, with just a tag tied around it. Don't worry, we also ship them well padded so they don't smash like pottery on their way to you! :)

Net Weight 0.55 oz.


Looking for something larger? Check out our full sized Nefertiti Clay Star Bars HERE!


Because of the cinnamon, Nefertiti Clay Star Bars may irritate extremely sensitive skin.

Nefertiti Clay Heart Bittie Bar

  • Wet the bar under warm running water, and gently rub over a freshly cleaned face, to apply a thin, even layer of the mask. Allow it to dry (approximately 5 minutes) Rinse well with warm water, splash with cold water to tighten up pores, and finish with your favorite moisturizer!


    Allow to dry in between uses!

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