Inspired by Egyptian royalty, formulated for sombination skin!


Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of the Nile, the Nefertiti Shower Set boasts full sizes of all our shower creations, to keep your skin glowing and glorious! 


The Nefertiti Shower Box includes the following items:

- 5 oz. Nefertiti Salt Bar

- 5 oz. Nefertiti Exfoliant Bar

- 6 oz. Nefertiti Gelly Baby

- 6 oz. Nefertiti Sugar Bar

- 4.5 oz. Nefertiti Marshmallow Cream

- 6 oz. Nefertiti Skin Parfait




Just looking for a taste? Check out the Nefertiti Shower Travel Box, featuring a selection of travel-sized products!

Nefertiti Shower Set

  • Exfoliant Bar: Simply massage the bar in circles over wet skin, and rinse well. Be careful exiting the tub or shower, the oils may make it a little bit slippery.


    Gelly Baby: Warm you skin under running water in the shower. Step out of the water and massage a small amount of Gelly Baby over your skin, until it feels a bit like a gritty lotion. For best results, allow the Gelly Baby to sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Wet a sponge or shower puff and massage the Gelly Baby into a rich lather. Rinse well with warm water, pat skin dry and follow with your favorite moisturizer!


    Marshmallow Cream: Massage a small amount of Marshmallow Cream into the area to be shaved, working into a creamy lather. Shave with razor of preference, rinse well with warm water, and pat dry. For best results, follow with you favorite moisturizer!


    Salt Bar: Rub gently over wet skin, and then rinse well with warm water. Salt Bars do not bubbly like traditional soaps, but never fear! They clean just as well!

    Sugar Bar: Massage gently over wet skin, then rinse well with warm water.  These are pretty coarse, so we recommend using them from the neck down.

    Skin Parfait: slather it on from head to toe, and enjoy soft, moisturized skin all day long!

  • Exfoliant Bar - This ultra-moisturizing, mildly exfoliating bar is soap-free, and is great to use alternately with soap, to keep your skin from getting too dry! You can even use it on your face!


    Gelly Baby- this bubbly sugar scrub is awesome to use once or twice a week, to keep your skin super soft and extra smoothe!


    Marshmallow Cream- a skin softening shave butter, it helps to minimize the damage that can come from shaving.


    Salt Bar- a purifying, moisturizing shower bar, it helps to gently clean your skin without getting it too dry. Mild enough to use every day!


    Skin Parfait- Don't forget to moisturize! you'll want to lock in all that moisture after your shower, to keep your skin hydrated, and this gentle lotion is the perfect way to do it!

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