When it comes to our oils, we don't f**k around! Since the beginning of Cinag's Alchemic, Mack has made fresh ingredients a priority, often resulting in manufacturing the component in-house. While we think everyone should be able to enjoy oils fresh from the press, the reality is that not everyone has the space for a massive oil press. But that doesn't mean you should have to use stale or expired oils in your wonderful creations!


Pressed to order, The Formulary poppy seed oil is one of the more exotic ingredients we offer, and  is the same oil that we use in our products; fresh, aromatic, and potent! We press it at the lowest temperature possible, to maintain the oil's full bio-active integrity, resulting in a poppy oil unlike any you've ever experienced!


We offer this oil unfiltered (cloudy) - perfect for soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs -  and filtered (clear), which is better for leave-in products like lotions and body butter! Filtered oils take an extra week to process, as we cold filter. Trust us, it's worth the wait!


We also are very cognizant of the seeds we use! Although we can't legally claim that our oils are organically certified, we use a blend of USA-grown organic seeds and seeds that we grow ourselves, in Bucks County. 


Shelf life 1 year. Oils may be stored in the fridge or frozen to extend lifespan.

Poppy Seed Oil (Raw Pressed)

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