Who says "all natural" has to be boring?!


Behold our decadent, all natural fizzing bath cupcakes! The Super-fizzy cake is made with goats milk and Japanese matcha green tea powder. It is topped with a rich, moisturizing butter cream frosting packed with French Green Clay, exotic jasmine and mango butter, to leave your body clean, soft, and silky!


The frosting is sprinkled with sencha green tea leaves and dried jasmine for a super luxurious spa experience!


Weighing in at almost 5 oz. , you really only need about a fourth of this cupcake per bath... but we personally love to drop the whole thing in! 

Selene Bath Cupcake

  • Goats Milk- goat milks performs double duty as a skin softener, and a seriously awesome skin protectant, so your skin can feel soft and fresh.


    Japanese Matcha Powder- prized for it color and taste, vivid matcha green tea powder s packed full of antioxidants, and helps to tone and tighten your skin!


    Mango Butter- a rich moisturizer and superior skin protector, it keeps your skin silk soft, supple and protected. 


    Fizzy Base- our all natural fizzy base fizzes like champagne, without the need for added chemicals and creepy stuff!


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