Insoired by royalty, formulated for formulated to nourish and rejuvenate all skin types!


Inspired by Selene, the daughter of Cleopatra, this exotic soak combines antioxidant rich Sencha and Matcha teas with nourishing spirulina, reviving juniper berry and coriander, all packed into single serving tub teas!!  These Bath Teas tint the water a delicate jade green, with a seductive scent of jasmine, vetiver and benzoin!


These little beauties help you soak your stress and worries away!


Net wt. 1.25 oz. each. Available as Singles or Trios.

Selene Bath Tea

  • Matcha & Sencha Green Teas- packed with anti-oxidants, these green teas help to rejuvenate and revive tired skin!

    Juniper Berry- Excellent for smoothing the skin, and helping tired muscles to unwind.    

    Spirulina- helps to nourish skin, and keep it healthy and happy!




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