These decadent bath truffles are scented with rich jasmine, and crafted from ground Japanese green tea and skin nurturing mango butter, for a decadent spa experience!


Sweet jasmine combine with grassy green tea, for a truly royal experience. All the ingredients are natural, even the color!! These truffles will give your bath water a touch of jade - but never fear! The color will not stain your skin, tub, or towel!

Selene Bath Truffles

  • Green Tea-packed full of antioxidants, it detoxes skin and cleans out pores, reduces blemishes and scars, and gives you a little boost from the caffeine you absorb through your skin.

    Mango Butter- the ultimate skin soother, wrinkle reducer and rejuvenation, mango butter is also wonderful for smoothing, softening and protecting skin!

    Shea Butter- deeply moisturizing and skin softening. Shea Butter helps to keep your skin protected, and helps sooth over stunned, itchy or dry skin.

    Jasmine- sweet and floral, Jasmine is reputed to soothe the mind and relax tension, so breathe deep!

    Goats Milk- softens skin and cleans away dead skin cells, leaving your whole body feeling fresh and silky.

    Each order contains four decadent, hand crafted truffle, about 1.5 oz. per truffle.

    TO USE: Drop one in to the tub, and relax for at least 20 minutes. Please wash out the tub after your bath, as the oil may make your tub a bit slippery.


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