Finally, a "mostly mess-free" clay mask that's easy to use, and gentle enough for every day use!


Inspired by the daughter of Cleopatra, Selene is loaded with purifying French green clay, toning matcha green tea and  rejuvenating jasmine, with a touch of moisturizing mango butter and exfoliating rice flour!

We ship our Clay Heart Bittie Bars naked, with just a tag tied around it. Don't worry, we also ship them well padded so they don't smash like pottery on their way to you! :)

Net Weight 0.55 oz.


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Selene Clay Heart Bittie Bar

  • French Green Clay- Rich in minerals, French green clay is second to none when it comes to cleaning out your pores, to keep your skin clear and smooth!


    Matcha Green Tea- Loaded with anti-oxidants, this green teea tones your skin and fight free anarchists! .... no... no, wait.... RADICALS! If fights free radicals!


    Mango Butter- restorative and intensely moisturizing, this butter helps to keep ypour skin beautiful, and to keep the mask from drying you out too much if you lay it on a little thick!


    Jasmine Floral Wax- Besides smelling like a freshly poured jasmine bubble tea, jasmine is purported to rejuvenate the skin, and to soothe agitated skin!

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