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Inspired by the daughter of Cleopatra, the Selene Intensity Facial is a set of delightful skincare products to keep your skin looking radiant, and feeling fantastic. Use it just once a week, to give your skin a deep cleanse and rich nourishment. It's fantastic for damaged and mature skin types.


You can be sure to kick off your week right with the Selene Intensity Facial. First polish you skin smooth with the Selene Face Polish- loaded with smoothing rice flour, invigorating green tea and nourishing hemp seed. Then follow it with the Selene Facial Steam- with nourishing green tea, juniper berry and jasmine flower, this steam opens up your pores so you can give them a deep clean, while toning and hydrating your skin, to keep it on it's best behavior. Finish it with the Selene Gelly Masque, a simple yet richly nourishing peel off mask with gelatin, green tea, moringa and a touch of spirulina, to deeply clean clogged pores in recurring problem areas (we recommend the forehead-nose-chin combo). 


We like to add a touch of Selene Skin Parfait when we are finished. You can find it here: 


Choose from a Trial (1 set to see how you like it), or go all in for a full month, and receive four of each skin nurturing product in the Intensity Facial Set to keep your skin fabulous all month long!


Selene Face Polish (net wt. 0.35 oz.), Selene Face Steam (net wt. 0.75 oz.), SeleneGelly Masque (net wt. 0.24 oz.)

Selene Intensity Facial

  • Step 1 - Face Polish:combine the entire packet of Face Polish with 1 Tbs. of water, honey, or yougurt. Mix to a uniform paste, and massage into your face and neck with finger tips. Rinse well with warm water.


    Step 2 - Face Steam: Combine the contents of the Face Steam packet in a large bowl with 3 cups of freshly boiled water. Lean your face over the bowl, draping a large towel over your head to  create a tent, and relax for 5-15 minutes. Pat your face dry. 


    Step 3 - Gelly Masque: Sprinkle contents of Gelly Masque packet over 2 tsp. of cold water (it will expand into a solid mass). Heat in a double boiler or in the microwave, until just melted. Allow to cool to a comfortable temperature before applying to the face- we recommend applying it to problem area like the chin, forehead, and across the nose. You may need to apply it in a few layers. Allow to dry completely (about 20 minutes) and then peel off. Rinse face with warm water to remove any little bits that may remain.


    For best results, follow with SeleneSkin Tonic.

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Love so much, want to eat it.

Date Time stamp

I was gifted the cherry salt bar and cherry sugar scrub. I love them both so much. In fact, I can never decide which one I want to use in the shower so I often will use both. They smell so amazingly fresh and not perfumey at all. I have been tempted to lick the bar and eat the sugar scrub. I can't wait to try the other products.




Kinda stinky but does the job

Date Time stamp

It's a vinegar toner, so it's gonna smell like vinegar. But it does a great job of keeping my skin clear. I can live with a few minutes of vinegar smell for that.




Love it

Date Time stamp

Best toner I ever bought. Just wish it was larger!


New Vegas

Bad Ass

Date Time stamp

Better than I was expecting. Smokey and spicy