Embrace you're dark side and take a dip with these luxurious, gold topped bath truffles!


"Red Room" combines raw chocolate and shea butters, skin detoxing black Hawaiian salt, and a sensual unique fragrance blend, all packed into adorable little bath truffles, topped with 24kt gold!


Our unique "Red Room" fragrance is inspired by "Fifty Shades of Grey"! A base of red leather and dark chocolate is rounded out by cognac, rose and geranium, with hints of lemon, coffee and fresh black pepper. Sweet, dark and utterly irresistible! 


Four (4) Bath Truffles; approx. net wt. 1.25 oz. ea.

The Red Room Bath Truffles

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  • Run a hot bath. Drop a Bath Truffle into the water, swishing to get them to dissolve. Soak and relax for at least 20 minutes.


    Be careful getting out of the tub, and be sure to wash out the tub once it has drained, as all those rich oils and butters will make the tub quite slippery!

  • Cocoa Butter- the perfect moisturizer and skin softener, with a soothing natural chocolate scent!


    Red Room Infused Oil- A toning blend of hibiscus, rose, coffee, lemon peel, orange peel and grapefruit peel, black pepper and roasted coacao shells. It takes six months and a lot of sunshine to make it, but we think it's worth every impatient second!


    24 Kt Gold- Used in traditional asian medicines to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin, we just used it because it's pretty.

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