Indulgent, firming and aromatic, the Tigers Eye Beauty Balm combines bio-active extracts of Guarana and Red Sandalwood with the toning properties of wildcrafted oils including a Mack-pressed Black Walnut oil, and exotic Bacuri butter! 

Don’t let that creamy mocha color fool you- the color is 100% natural!

Our new Beauty Balms are formulated to synergize with the Booster Ampoules, but work just as effectively used on their own!

Beauty Balms are highly concentrated! Less is more with these products. To use on targetted areas, use the pad if a finger to gently warm and melt a small bit of the Beauty Balm, and gently pat into the skin. For using as an evening mask, use a small scoop to remove a pea sized amount of Beauty Balm, allowing it to melt in your hand, before gently pressing into the face and neck.

Currently Beauty Balms are available in 7g glass jars.

Tigers Eye Beauty Balm

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