Indulge in your sweet tooth with this incredibly decadent gold and pearl detoxifying Salt Bar, with Pink Himalayan Salt!


Part of the EROTICA SENSUALIS line, "Whips & Kisses" combines moisturizing shea butter and cocoa butter with detoxifying pink Himalayan salt, crushed pearls and 24 Kt gold, all packed into a hefty bar!!

This skin pampering bar gently cleanses and purifies you skin, leaving you feeling fresh, silky soft and clean!


Our reformulated "Whips & Kisses" may seem sweet, innocent and flirty... but don't be fooled! Sweet vanilla cupcakes, and champagne form the base of this naughty fragrance, rounded out with rose, sweet orange, and hints of warm, spicy cinnamon and peppery bergamot. Made with a blend of natural essential oils and the highest quality phthalate-free, paraben-free fragrance oils.


Net wt 5.65 oz.

Whips & Kisses Salt Bar

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  • Cocoa Butter- highly emollient, moisturizing, and helps to soften skin.


    "Whips & Kisses" Infused Oil: Our in-house oil starts with skin loving sunflower oil, packed with cinnamon sticks, damiana, kava kava root, kola nut, orange peel, roses and vanilla beans, and is left to infuse for 6 months in the sun! We think this sensual infusion is worth every second!


    Pink Himalayan Salt- pink salt is packed with nutrients that help to detox and remove impurities from your skin.


    Pearl Powder- finely ground salt water pearls have a wide range of applications in both Asian cosmetics and herbal medicine. It is believed to even skin tone and soften the skin.


    24Kt Gold- touted by some to possess anti-inflammatory properties... But we just put it in because it's pretty!



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